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Tommette Sauvain


Type: Washed Rind
Milk: Unpasteurised cows milk
Rennet: Animal
Location: Loire, France

Made at the Laiterie de la Cote Roannaise, a facility for making cheese and yoghurts that was developed by Herve Mons in 2016. Tommette de la Croix Lucas was originally made at the Fromagerie des Hautes Chaumes , our Fourme de Montbrison supplier and is a washed rind small tomme. When Herve Mons invested in the Fromagerie, he brought production of their Tommette Sauvin to the Laiterie de la Cote Roannaise. It roughly follows the quick make of a Reblochon although more acidification is encouraged for more complexity of flavour and it is made with milk within a 30km radius of the Laiterie. Due to its change of location and AOP regulations, its name hs changed to Tommette de la Croix Lucas after a local stone cross landmark.

It's very easy to eat a lot of this cheese. It has a glossy, smooth paste that feels silky in the mouth. As for flavour, expect sweet milk notes, fresh butter and a gently nutty finish.