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Mons Cheesemongers
Matthew Hope
First order

Excellent service and fantastic cheese! I ordered the French selection and the goats cheese selection for a dinner party. Both were fabulous and generous portions. Also the chutney, quince and crackers were all delicious. Will definitely order again. Thank you!

Mons Cheesemongers
Michael Ranson
Lovely Munster Cheese

The Munster cheese was excellent and arrived in perfect condition. It was enjoyed by all.

Mons Cheesemongers
Arthur Norman
Yet another Mons order

We order a large selection and when it arrives split the larger chunks into more convenient sizes and vacuum pack everything - that way it remains in better condition that then cheese we can buy locally until we are ready for another big batch. We also order plenty because we have found that when we like people enough to be able to pass any of it on they really appreciate birthday gifts of cheese. The writeups of each type that explain about the producer and the history really add to the sense of having something special. So yes we also buy big blocks of "mousetrap" in the supermarket delivery scheme of things and use that for cooking and some of the sandwiches, but gaing Proper Cheese is such a good thing.

Mons Cheesemongers
Paul Parkinson
Second order, first review

The second order is a good time to do a review. The first order might be a fluke, a happy accident.
That first order was outstanding - fabulous, amazing cheeses delivered right on the button and at a very fair price for the quality.
The "difficult second" order was just as good and delivered in perfect condition.
When I need quality cheeses, there is only one place to go.
Well done Team Mons!

Mons Cheesemongers
Carol Rose
Brill Cheese

Another tasty delivery! Thanks so much for your great packing and prompt dispatch.
The selection was for our delayed ‘Christmas’ and it went down a storm!

Mons Cheesemongers
Tatiana Stantonian
Just amazing.

So much pleasure. That Stilton, with those gourmet crackers with a hint of honey. The Brillat Savarin, crottin de Chavignol, aged Comté... An admirable and delectable selection.

Mons Cheesemongers
Alison Barnes
Excellent cheeses as always

Mons Cheese always delivers excellent quality cheese. Beautifully packed and protected with chill packs for the journey. The cheeses this week were delicious and enjoyed as always.

Mons Cheesemongers
jackie harrison

The cheese fondue mix was truly delicious. Lived in the Valais for 10 years so we know and love our fondue and this is one of the best.

The best cheese fondue in the world

It’s in the title, and I’ve had them all over Europe. I added a squeeze of lemon and a little more wine than was recommended. Don’t overheat or bring the wine to boil. We all thought it was sensational.

Mons Cheesemongers
Trevor Rutter
Tasty Selection

The Franco-Swiss selection was delicious, boosted by two goaty numbers, which were both new to us. They were Bicaillou and Tomme de Chambrouze. Will definitely be buying again.

Mons Cheesemongers
William Rathbone

First class!

Delicious cheese

We ordered the Auvergnat cheese board for Easter. We ordered a 'small', but the portion was still huge, and we have been enjoying the leftovers. Really great introduction to some cheeses we didn't know much about. Good variety within the board, and very high quality. Click and collect was smooth, but you do have to plan ahead a bit as the website doesn't usually let you collect within the next few days. Will be ordering again!

Mons Cheesemongers

Brilliant service and great cheese. Will be ordering again.

Mons Cheesemongers
Sophie Monteret-Morand
You made her day !

I am French and embarked with some curiosity on buying French cheeses on-line to be delivered to my daughter near Manchester ! Fantastic service on time, perfectly packaged and high quality products as always. I know very well the Mons cheeses as my parents live in the same city as the Mons family in France. Was an Easter present and you made my daughter's day as a French student a bit homesick those days :-). Thank you ! .

Mons Cheesemongers
Anselm Nye

One of the things I miss most since moving to Birmingham is not living close to Mons. Whenever I visited the staff spoke with such passion about cheeses and I learned so much about their production and the subtle differences that seasons, climate and diet can make to the finished product, just as with wines. At Christmas and Easter I ordered cheeses and wines and was as delighted as ever. This time I tried the Buchette de Manon and Maréchal which I had had before and two new ones for me: St Jude and Selles sur Couffy. Both were very pleasing, particularly the latter with its full and lasting flavour. Of the wines, being a fan of small varietal grapes, the savoyade "Ma douce" is a brilliant find. Not too heavy, slightly spicy on the nose, plenty of forest and autumn fruit and not too much acidity on the palate and a long, smooth finish. So pleased these cheeses travel so well.

Mons Cheesemongers
Sir Ian Macdonald of Sleat
Easter Cheeses

Delivered the Tuesday before Easter Sunday - mainly Goat and Sheep, but also some Comte which my dear wife loves !
Excellent service !

Brilliant service

Nicely delivered. On time, excellent service. Was a present, so all-roundly appreciated,

Mons Cheesemongers
Anthony Shillingford
Cheese parcel

Great to get this . We like the Osssau very much. To me not as good as last time. Still looking for a cream cheese to match the one we get in France

Great service

Delicious cheese (and crackers), easy-to-navigate website, and prompt delivery. What's not to like? Once we've finished this bundle, we'll be ordering again!

Fantastic service

Brilliant service to get a fondue fix, speedy delivery and brilliant fondue.

Mons Cheesemongers
Excellent tasting cheese!

Excellent and good diversity of cheese

Mons Cheesemongers
Anthony Shillingford
Latest delivery

We fully enjoyed the cheeses sent and will be back for more quite soon.Hope to find more French cheeses next time

Mons Cheesemongers
Heather Smith
Excellent cheese!

Really delicious cheese, perfectly packaged and on time. Have ordered several times and am really impressed

Mons Cheesemongers
Mervyn King
Cheese with flavour

I wanted to try a selection of French cheeses. Every cheese I wanted was available and arrived properly packed and labelled. and they tasted wonderful. Beaufort is a highlight.

Mons Cheesemongers
Ruth Watson
The best cheese shop in South East London!

We tried Mons Cheesemongers online service for the first time having been a regular customer before Lockdown. Very impressed and will definitely use Click and Collect again if we're unable to shop in person. Huge selection of products and nicely packaged..Thank you !