Tomme de Chambrouze


Type: Soft
Milk: Raw goat's milk
Rennet: Animal
Location: Rhone-Alpes, France

Tomme de Chambrouze is a goat's milk tomme made by Isabelle Douillon on the western slopes of the Rhone-Alpes, just before the terrain gives way to Beaujolais country.

In this area, the mountains trap the cooler, wetter weather, providing great conditions for growing and harvesting grass and hay. Unlike the majority of French goats cheeses, Tomme de Chambrouze is a large, cutting cheese and is Isabelle's own invention, though influenced by her other cheese - Charolais. It has a beautifully fluffy mouth-feel with classic lactic cheese acidity, a mineral quality. As the summer progresses, the texture becomes richer and more buttery, while the flavours develop a clean, fresh, milky sweetness.