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The Cheese Wheel - By Emma Young

The Cheese Wheel is newly released this year, & Emma's first book is a perfect Christmas gift for the cheese lover in your life.

It’s a cheese book written from a different angle to many & from the perspective of a professional who’s worked in many parts of the field. Designed as a guide, it looks at the relationship between cheeses around the world from a flavour perspective instead of by geographical location. It shows the taste similarities between a Roquefort from France and a Cabrales from Spain.

The beginning of the book gives guidance on how we taste cheese as professionals and throughout, you learn about the different styles of cheese and their relationship with flavour. It’s written in an accessible way to appeal to all.

Our newest online cheeseboard – The Cheese Wheel Selection - was put together in collaboration with Emma. It gives you the opportunity to taste through some of the cheeses that feature prominently in the book & rank among Emma's favourites.