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Cider and Cheese

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After a slight false start, our tastings are back! 

Shorter days and – as a whole new palette of plants come to the fore - an abundance of browns and oranges means we are firmly in the throes of Autumn. Those working in food production are breezing past one of their busiest times of the year. Many dairy farmers have been focused on transhumance – the movement of herds and flocks from mountain to lowland pastures - and the seasonal changing of their herds. For wine producers, this year’s bottling and grape picking is nearly complete and, with apple and pears now fully ripe, cider and perry makers are in the throes of their harvest. 

Cider, sadly, is still held in low regard by many, but until very recently the same could have been said for the majority of beer available (industrial lager), or cheese ('cheese' was synonymous with 'factory cheddar' for most of the 20th century). Yet, over the last 20-30 years both misconceptions have been largely, if not entirely, consigned to the history books.

Join us for a decidedly Autumnal tasting focused on cheese, cider and perry. The event will be run by Laurence, our retail manager, and Chris (ex-cheesemonger, ex-craft beer guru and current cider guru) of Cork & Crown. 

You’ll be with us for two hours as we taste and discuss our way through a selection of 5 cheeses – including Mons stalwarts from across France and the UK - and 5 ciders/perries that will have you thinking beyond the oft-repeated ideas of wine pairing. 

Bring a warm jumper (the shop can be a little chilly), an appetite and prepare yourself for a hearty tasting experience