Salame Molinari

The Molinari family work just 10 pigs a week at their smallholding in Zuglio, 20 kilometres from the Austrian Friuli border. The animals live in the fields surrounding the production kitchen and family’s own abbatoir – a rare thing these days. By working on such a small scale the family are able to minimise the distance from farm to butcher and their pigs are worked ‘a caldo’ - which means still warm. Doing so helps to preserve the flavour giving enzymes and lactic acid bacteria that are so important to the quality of their salumi.

Unlike the Salamut, the Salame Molinari is smoked according to the tradition of the area: small branches of 'pino mugo' - an aromatic, high-altitude mountain pine, harvested from the nearby Carnic Alps are added to chestnut and beech chippings. It is this smoking process that gives a sweet, gentle seasoning to the salumi.

minimum weight 360g