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Raclette d'Alpage


Type: Semi-soft
Milk: Unpasteurised cows milk
Rennet: Animal
Location: Saint Gingolph, Switzerland

Our Raclette d’Alpage is made at the Au de Morge chalet, 7km above St Gingolph and 1161 metres above sea level. The chalet uses milk from their own herd, plus those of other neighbouring farmers whose herds move to 1600 m for the summer period. Cows are milked in the pastures. Their milk is brought to the chalet for cultures and rennet to be added, then heated to 32C. Curd being set and cut, the mixture is heated to 41C before it is drained through cloth and moulded. The cheeses are brined and washed every 2 days. Au de Morge Raclettes have a structure and nuance that valley Raclettes don’t have. The flavours are more complex and challenging, with an underpinning of slight vegetal artichoke or cardoon bitterness which gives a backbone to the other meaty, umami flavours. This Raclette can be melted but ably holds its own on a cheeseboard.