Ossau Iraty Fermier


Type: Hard
Milk: Unpasteurised sheeps milk
Rennet: Animal
Location: Pyrennees, France

Hailing from the steep-sided Ossau valley, our Chetrit Ossau Fermier is very much a product of its extreme environment. While the Ossau valley itself is verdant and lush, the high pasture is dry, hot and arid. This sort of pasture is suited to sheep and from the rich milk of the Rousse Noir sheep, a hard maturing sheeps cheese is made on the high slopes in order to last the winter. Ossau Fermier is a more variable and wild version of the better known Ossau Iraty, which is made at co-operative scale. It has a smooth texture with flavours of hazelnuts, rich roast lamb and a stone fruit acidity with wild animal & grassy notes.