Lachaud Cornichons

Location: Dordogne, France

The Conserverie Lachaud is a family run business established in 1965 by André Lachaud. It is now into its third generation, overseen by André’s granddaughter Audrey.  The first preserves made by the family were cornichons grown on André’s family plot & with their success, the business & expanding range of produce was born.


A classic, crunchy cornichon with a clean, sharp vinegar flavour that makes way for the pleasing vegetal minerality of the gherkins themselves.  The classic use of cornichons is with Raclette where their acidity cuts the richness of so much melted cheese.  We recommend eating these with Raclette Alpage, a buttery cheddar like Hafod or Kirkham’s Lancashire. They also pair excellently with Fondue.