Type: Hard
Milk: Raw cow's milk
Rennet: Animal
Location: Groene Hart, Netherlands


In 1932 Huug van Der Poel, his wife Koosje, their children and cattle, arrived by boat at Hoeve Waterrijk farm. The farm lies on Buurterpolder Island in a series of wetland lakes and can only be reached by boat. Four generations later, their cheese is made by granddaughter in law Marije van Der Poel who with her husband Hugo and their children Anna, Menno & Lucas look after the farm and dairy. Since cheesemaking first began they have left the recipe and farming style unchanged.


In Holland their cheese is known as De Boren Goudse Oplegkass. Boeren signifies that the cheese is made with fresh unpasteurised milk and Oplegkass that it is intended for a minimum of 2 years maturation. It is a bold flavoured, complex crystalline cheese with notes of salted caramel, bright red berry acidity and great length of finish.