Butter - Salted/Unsalted


Type: Cultured butter - salted and unsalted
Milk: Pasteurised cow's milk
Animal: Cow
Weight: 250g
Location: Bresse, Burgundy

The history of butter making in the Bresse region is born from its polymath agriculture. Local farmers reared pigs, cattle and poultry alongside arable production. Grain was harvested to feed the cattle, the milk they produced was skimmed, the cream made into butter and the skimmed milk and peckings given to the poultry and pigs.

Our butter is made in the traditional French manner, pre-maturing the cream to encourage lactic acid bacteria to grow and enhance its flavour. It is then traditionally churned, washed and left to soften.

The salted butter is flavoured with rock salt extracted from seams of the Bex Mountain mines which date back to the 15th Century. The salt is sun-dried on beech boards and forms large intensely flavoured crystals which carry mineral traces deposited in them over centuries within the mountain rock.

These butters aim to hold a firm but supple texture and on eating, be fondant with a fresh cream finish and gentle hazelnut flavour.