Type: Hard
Milk: Raw cow's milk
Animal breed: Salers
Size of cheese: 50cm
Weight: 45kg
Location: Cantal, Auvergne
Altitude: 1100m
Season: June September
Scale: Farmhouse (70 cows)

Salers de Buron is an extraordinary cheese. Made in the high pastures of the Auvergne by Marcel Taillé, it is a glorious example of traditional farmhouse production. Each spring Marcel takes his herd of 65 Salers cows up into the mountains where he will spend the following 5-6 months in a small stone cottage - a Buron, which serves as dwelling, dairy, and maturing room for the summer. His cows feed on the grass and flora of the mountain pastures, producing rich and flavourful milk. They are milked in the field: a tricky process as Salers cows must be milked alongside their calves.

Marcel produces one cheese each day, and what a cheese it is. Made in wooden vats and according to a recipe that is strikingly similar to a Cheddar or Lancashire, the cheeses are matured for a minimum of 12 months before they hit our counters. They are big, flavorful wheels, each bite moving between bright acidity through to cream and butter, warm spices, floral and herbaceous notes and what can only be described as a 'farmyard' character.