Cosne de Port Aubry

Type: Soft
Milk: Raw goat's
Animal breed: Alpine
Size of cheese: 18cm
Weight: 1kg
Location: Bourgogne, Nievre
Altitude: 150m
Season: All year
Scale: Farmhouse


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Cosne de Port Aubry is made by Emmanuel and Margueritte Melet on their farm in Cosne sur Loire: a town in the Sancerre region of the Loire Valley.

Goat farming has a long history in this region which was once scattered with tiny farms comprising of little more than a few vines, perhaps a modest cereal plot, and two or three goats – a practical choice of animal, given their independence and aptitude for foraging. Visitors to the Ferme du Port Aubry are always shown the remnants of local goat houses – small structures attached to the back of farmhouses which would house a family’s animals.

Cosne de Port Aubry was Emmanuel’s invention – when you live in a place called Cosne sur Loire a cone shaped cheese is nothing if not a logical step. Made to almost the same recipe as the farm's other production: Crottin de Chavignol, it's always interesting to taste these bigger cheeses alongside their baby counterparts. With a super smooth, dense paste, and refreshing lemony notes, they are delicious when paired with Sancerre or another crisp white wine.