Red Onion Marmalade - England Preserves

Location: Bermondsey, England

Seasonally made, small batch preserves made in Bermondsey using locally sourced seasonal fruits & vegetables, these chutneys are gently manufactured in order to preserve the maximum flavour and colour from their main ingredients. Each chutney highlights the flavours of the key fruit or vegetable and is characterised by its low sugar content and bright, clean flavours.


Beautifully balanced with the sweetness coming predominantly from the slow cooked red onions rather than sugar, this sweet & sour onion marmalade has a fruity acidity from cider vinegar making it refreshing & subtle. A classic onion marmalade will pair with most cheeses and is very adaptable but it can lift the richness of a Brie de Meaux or marry with a more acidic cheese like Kirkham’s Lancashire.