Type: Semi-soft
Milk: Raw cow's milk
Rennet: Animal
Location: Franche-Comte, France

Our Morbier is made at the Sancey Richard Creamery in Metabief, where we also buy Vacherin, Le Mont d'Or. Morbier is a semi-soft cheese, not unlike a Tomme for this area, and used to be made over the course of 2 milkings.

Curd would be made from the morning milk and again from the evening milk. In order that the 2 layers of curd should knit together in the cheese moulds, a layer of vegetable ash was put down. Now the cheese is usually made in one session and the ash is just a visual reminder of times past. Morbier is a gentle cheese with flavours that range from lactic to mildly gamey as it ages. It has an amazingly moreish quality and is the ultimate comfort cheese.