Brie de Meaux - Dongé


Type: Soft
Milk: Raw cow's milk
Rennet: Animal
Location: Lorraine, France

Brothers Luc and Jean-Philippe Dongé make Brie de Meaux in their 3rd generation family dairy, situated in Meuse to the east of the traditional area of Brie production. They are supplied by up to 30 small local farms.

Whilst the dairy is semi industrial in scale, they work with herds of only 40-60 animals, containing rare regional breeds such as Pied Noir de l'Est, as well as Prim Holstein and Montbeliarde. Their recipe, techniques and equipment are those of a farmhouse producer, achieving their productivity without having to mechanise or sacrifice quality. They mature their cheeses in house - the only Brie de Meaux producer in the area to do so. Their Brie de Meaux is savoury, buttery, rounded and vegetal, with cabbage and soy sauce characteristics.