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Type: Soft
Milk: Unpasteurised cows milk
Rennet: Animal
Location: Burgundy, France

A family-run fromagerie supported by around 30 small local farms whose herds range from 40 to 120 cows only, Gaugry have been well known for the quality of their Epoisses. The herds whose milk is used to make their cheese are Brune, Simmenthal & Montbeliarde cows all providing an interesting and diverse flavour potential. Their milk is ripened for a few hours with starter culture before a very long coagulation of 20 hours. In order to achieve that, the quality of milk must be superlative. We like their Epoisses as the Burgundians tend to enjoy it, with a little line of chalk in the centre, the freshness of this adding a contrast to the rich peanut & satay sauce flavours of the soft layer beneath the rind. When aged (as is more common in the big cities like Paris), Epoisses develops a more palate sticking texture and the peanut flavours become more intense with hints of marmite. At both ages this is a rich and sumptuous cheese with complex flavours.