Comte 18-23 Months


Type: Hard
Milk: Raw cow's milk
Rennet: Animal
Location: Franche-Comte, France

Comte was the first cheese to be cooperatively made, a practice dating back to the 12th century. Our Comte is matured by Rivoire Jacquemin in Lons le Saunier, Franche-Comte.

They keep their young cheeses warm for the first week of their maturation to awaken the propionic bacteria which develop warm nutty flavours in the aged cheese. The cheeses then move to cool, slow-ripening temperatures for long maturation. The old and young batches are interspersed in the store rooms so, when washing cheeses, the younger ones benefit from the rind cultures of the older wheels.

We select our cheese personally with a view to aging them to between 18 to 24 months. At this stage, the texture is lightly crystalline and they have a caramel, buttery quality that evolves into a rich hazelnut flavour.

Customer Reviews

Based on 12 reviews
malcolm taylor

We eat quite a lot of this stuff so decided to splash out on an expensive version. Tried against a less expensive supermarket version. This won hands down. Far too good for cooking. We just cut it into thin slices and put it in the mouth. As it heats up on the tongue the flavours develop and it slides meltingly down the throat. A sip from the glass to clear the pallet then try another slice.

Martyn Alderton
You cannot beat it!

There are so many great British cheeses these days but somehow Comté keeps me thinking as a Francophile. Beautiful cheese, nice maturity.

Alison Barnes
Delicious nutty flavour

A delicious full-bodied cheese which arrived on time and well packed. Comte is as good for cooking as it is on the cheeseboard.

Catherine Horton
Great Cheese

I ordered several weeks before Xmas so we did not have to visit busy shops. My order was delivered on Sunday 20th, and everything was in peak condition when I opened it on Xmas day. As we ended up with far fewer people than expected, we were worried about waste, but by finishing the ripest cheeses first the harder cheeses lasted quite well into the first week of January.

Nicola Braid