Type: Hard
Milk: Raw cow's milk
Rennet: Animal
Location: Canton de Vaud, Switzerland

As Gruyere would have been 100 years ago, L'Etivaz cheeses are made with milk from herds grazing the wildflower-rich high pastures above the snowline in the Vaud Alpes.

The season is only 4 months long. Until the snows return in September, 68 mountainside chalets are occupied by L'Etivaz producers. They heat their milk over wood fires in giant copper cauldrons, their sides blackened with ash. The open fires condition the atmosphere of the chalet, imbuing the curds with a distinctive smoky quality. The range of flavours can encompass tropical fruit, meaty bacon, hoisin sauce, nutmeg and mouth-watering salinity.

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Loukis Skaliotis

Lovely hard cheese. Highly recommended

Jan Davison

The cheeses arrived in perfect condition.

Lionel Cherruault
Excellent as ever

Our delivery arrived spoiled on the eve of Christmas eve, Jane at Mons arranged for a new delivery on Christmas eve, our beloved cheese order arrived as promised and all the cheeses were ‘a point’ and ready to eat and, of course, delicious. Thank you for everything.

Arthur Norman
l'Etivaz is very special

l'Etivaz is one of our very favourite cheeses so we got enough to pass on to friends for Christmas and it is really a statement that we like them that we are letting go of any of it!

Charlotte Schwendinger
What a cheese

Got 1kg of Etivaz and it’s nearly gone. What more do I need to say? Outstanding