Tommette Elutcha


Type: Semi soft
Milk: Unpasteurised sheeps milk
Rennet: Animal
Location : Midi-Pyrennees, France

Tommette Elutcha is a raw sheep’s milk cheese made by the Dombre family who had already established their name through the renaissance of Perail. Situated at Les Cabasses, Aveyron, Midi Pyrenees, Jean Francois & Rosine Dombre were delighted when their children Elise, Lucie and Charles joined the family business. Elutcha is named after the 3 of them. The cheese is made in a copper vat to a Tomme recipe (heated to 32C, cut, drained and moulded) before it is washed in a brine solution that gives its distinctive orange brown colour. These cheeses vary from delicious, light, sweet, fresh coconut flavours to richer, succulent, more umami meatiness. Either way, the complexity of their Lacaune sheeps’ milk shines through and they taste lovely.