The Christmas Selection


With the idea of family get togethers in mind, we put together a generous cheeseboard to keep everyone well fed over the Christmas holidays.  Comes in 2 sizes, large and extra large!

¼ or ½ Donge Brie de Meaux
750g or 1.5kg Montgomery’s Cheddar
1/8th or ¼ Colston Bassett Stilton
750g or 1.5kg Comte
1 Medium or 1 Large Sancey Richard Vacherin Mont D’Or
1 or 2 Oiselliere
1 packet Salted Etrez Butter 
1 jar Lachaud Pickled Onions *now Lachaud pickled onions rather than Rosebud*
1 jar Maison Marc Cornichons
1 jar Spiced Plum Chutney
150g or 300g Quince Paste
1 or 2 Westcombe Saucisson
1 or 2 packs of Pimhill Oatcakes (unpictured)
1 or 2 packs Seeded Flatbreads (unpictured)

Extra Large also contains
1 packet Unsalted Etrez Butter 
1 jar Old Yorkshire Chutney

Large is enough for 40 servings
Extra large is enough for 80 servings