Persille du Beaujolais


Type: Blue
Milk: Pasteurised cows milk
Rennet : Animal
Location : Beaujolais, France

A maverick break from tradition in the Fourme de Montbrison area, Persille de Beaujolais emerged from a friendship between the Lapierre family and their Italian Gorgonzola producers. They use the copper vats and vast ladles as in farmhouse Gorgonzola production, as well as their starter cultures and blue moulds, but the cheese is set in the shape used for local Fourmes: a small cylinder versus a more millstone shape. Persille de Beaujolais has a dense and supple paste, in which, lines of blue create a subtle caramelising effect. Its overall character is gentle, sweet and harmonious when young, with a more pronounced acidity with age.