Type: Blue
Milk: Pasteurised cow's and sheep's milk
Rennet: Animal
Location: Auvergne, France

1924 is made with a blend of ewes and cows milk at the Fromagerie de Laqueuille, Puy de Dome. 1924 recreates what would've been the traditional Roquefort recipe before it achieved its AOC regulation in 1925.

The AOC dictated that cheese be made from pure Lacaune ewes milk. Historically, farmers in the region used whatever milk they had; some cheeses were pure cows milk - a recipe now known as Bleu des Causses - and some, a mixture of sheep and cows milk. Roquefort today spends most of its maturation in cold fridges, whereas in the early 1900s, they would've been matured at higher temperatures. 1924 is aged at a higher temperature, allowing a natural rind to form and encouraging a savoury flavour profile. Our cheeses are aged at our caves near Roanne, almost 400 miles from Roquefort. A common flavour we detect and enjoy in 1924 is a rich biscuity sweetness, sometimes edging towards white chocolate, complimented by mineral, herbal notes.