Ste Maure de Dragonniere

Type: Soft
Milk: Raw goat's milk
Rennet: Animal
Location: Loire, France

We work with three small farms for our Ste Maure de la Dragonniere. Ste Maure is a lactic goats cheese, whose curd takes 2 to 3 days to set and begins growing its own natural geotrichum yeasts as it does so.

To allow this to happen, the milk quality has to be exceptional and the length of the setting time enables the natural flora of the milk to develop, creating a subtle yet complex flavour. Ste Maure is structured and clean when young, with mild but nuanced lactic flavours. As it ages, the animal quality and acidity accentuate. It displays textures ranging from close and fudgy to fluffy and mousse-like, sometimes with runny rinds.

Customer Reviews

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Great go0ats cheese, nutty and firm at the start and then gets creamier. Left out at room temperature, the flavour strengthens with a very pronounced taste

Absolutely delicious

This is possibly the best example of a goat cheese we have tried outside of Chavignol. It’s complex, fresh and creamy. No harshness at all. Beware the odd piece of straw lurking within! It goes surprising well with a glass of Albariño so two favourites at once.

Janet Phillips
Superlative cheeses

We ordered Lingot des Causses and Ste Maure de Dragonniere, as lovers of goats cheese, to go alongside our French selection. We were not disappointed. Both cheeses were exceptional in quality and taste and were new to us. We loved the creamy butteriness of the Lingot and the fudgy, complex taste of the Ste Maure. We would certainly order both again. Absolutely delicious.