Kirkham's Lancashire


Type: Hard
Milk: Raw cow's milk
Rennet: Animal
Location: Lancashire, England

Graham Kirkham is the only Lancashire cheese maker who uses the traditional 2 day curd recipe, unpasteurised milk and binds his cheeses in buttered muslin.

A fastidious farmer, everything Graham does is motivated by making the best possible milk for his cheese: exceptional quality of silage, staggered calving pattern for year round milk consistency and scrupulous hygiene in the milking parlour. The milk is therefore rich in fats, proteins and lactic acid bacteria so that only tiny quantities of liquid starter cultures are needed. Our Lancashires have a wonderful butteriness, perfect lactic acidity and really show off the excellent quality of the raw ingredient. Graham likes to describe them as 'dreamy creamy'.

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Robert Clifford-Wing
There's cheese and CHEESE.

There is nothing worse than mediocrity where food is concerned. Mons delivered super quality cheese in a timely fashion. It was for a party and ALL guests enjoyed it greatly; quite an achievement. Colston Bassett speaks for itself, always great! The Lancashire was in my opinion the star; the bite and depth of flavour was outstanding - British cheese at its best.
Thoroughly recommended!

Anne Hastings
One of those cheeses you never want to run out of

This is our household staple. It's delicious eaten on its own but it melts like a dream. Have to have a huge block of the stuff every time we order.