England Preserves


Location: Bermondsey, England

Seasonally made, small batch preserves made in Bermondsey using locally sourced seasonal fruits & vegetables, these chutneys are gently manufactured in order to preserve the maximum flavour and colour from their main ingredients. Each chutney highlights the flavours of the key fruit or vegetable and is characterised by its low sugar content and bright, clean flavours.

Pear Date & Ale Chutney

Fruit forward, clean chutney with a subtle hint of ginger and a malty note provided by the dark Kernel Brewery ale that forms part of the mix. This chutney pairs particularly well with blue cheeses such as Stilton or 1924 and a classic Cheddar or Lancashire.

Tomato Relish

Rich with flavours of tomato and red pepper with a hint of chilli kick, this is a semi sweet chutney that works well with Lancashire, Cantal or a bright lemony goats cheese like Crottin de Chavignol or Cosne de Port Aubry.

Red Onion Marmalade

Beautifully balanced with the sweetness coming predominantly from the slow cooked red onions rather than sugar, this sweet & sour onion marmalade has a fruity acidity from cider vinegar making it refreshing & subtle. A classic onion marmalade will pair with most cheeses and is very adaptable but it can lift the richness of a Brie de Meaux or marry with a more acidic cheese like Kirkham’s Lancashire.

Damson Fruit Paste

A firm paste made from reduced Damson puree and sugar, this is best enjoyed in thin slices.  The intense damson flavour and its balance of acidity with sweetness lends it best to accompanying crumbly, acidic cheeses like Tomme de Savoie, Kirkham’s Lancashire or Duckett’s Caerphilly. Or a gentle lactic cheese like Lingot des Causses or St Jude.

Quince Fruit Paste

With a soft, yielding texture, this paste is a honey-sweet accompaniment to cheese, although the aromatic quince flavour and its mild acidity make it beautifully balanced.  Thin slices of this fruit paste will accompany more or less any cheese. It pairs very well with Ossau Iraty and Comte as well as goats cheeses like Selles sur Couffy or Gour Noir.