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Bonde du Poitou

Type: Soft
Milk: Pasteurised goats milk
Rennet: Animal
Location: Nouvelle Aquitaine, France

Bonde du Poitou hails from the Poitou Chevre creamery in Bougon, Poitou-Charentes. The dairy has been in existence since 1906 when local goat farmers joined together to form a dairy to turn all their milk into cheese. In 2016 a family firm Poitou-Chevre from the neighbouring village took over the Bougon dairy and its production is solely traditional local cheeses. The dairy is one of our larger suppliers but they maintain impressive quality standards and support a range of local farmers in the region farming mainly Alpine & Saanen goats. Bonde du Poitou is gentle but immensely satisfying with a sweet cream flavours and a very pliable texture for a lactic cheese. It veers from a densely creamy texture when younger to more frothy as it ages. Flavours are influenced by the yeasty geotrichum rind which lends a gentle animal finish.